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Severely neglected beagle humanely euthanized after being rescued

Today, a 16-year-old beagle named "Cooper," has been released from his neglected body in Walworth County, Wis.

Cooper the beagle
Walworth County Humane Officer
Walworth County Humane Officer

Earlier this week, the Walworth County Humane Officer shared Cooper's sad story...and how it came to be known, thanks to an open door on Mother's Day.

The elderly senior had slipped from his home that day and wandered a short distance away where he was discovered by a good Samaritan who phoned the police department because Cooper was obviously the victim of extreme neglect.

Though happy and inquisitive, as most beagles are, Cooper had a tumor, the size of a watermelon, that greatly reduced his mobility. The Walworth County Humane Officer shared their disgust:

This is one case which will leave you just as horrified and angry as I am but I ask that you do not comment about what you would like to do to this person, nothing can change what he has already done but instead, send lots of prayers for this dog.

Cooper's owner admitted that the tumor was discovered over a year ago - but nothing was done. Nothing was done for the obvious growth on the dog's body, just like nothing had been done throughout his veterinary care, no dental care, no grooming - nothing.

The Humane Officer stated:

This is not just about the owner doing nothing, it is about everyone who knew about Coopers condition doing nothing, this dog was let down by everyone he knew, let down by everyone who seen and turned a blind eye to this most horrible medical condition that was until Mothers Day when a single door was left ajar, that was his Saving Grace.

After leaving the "care" of his owner, Cooper was taken to a veterinarian - but the help came too late. The tumor was so large that his chances of survival were slim...the tumor was so massive that the skin could not even be closed after the growth was removed.

The decision to free Cooper from his pain, and those last moments of life, were shared:

I voiced my opinion (as I always do) where Cooper was concerned, I told him that it was his responsibility to care for this beautiful dog who had given him 6 years as a loyal companion and how he and others had let him down, I spoke of responsibility, compassion, empathy, and lastly accountability.

Although Cooper lived his last years with severely impaired mobility, he was strong of heart and spirit. I looked into his eyes, cupped his face in my hands and kissed his head, told him I was sorry and then it was over.

The person who allowed Cooper to suffer for so long will face consequences - according to the Humane Officer:

Coopers story does not end here though, his owner WILL face charges.

Rest in peace Cooper - you deserved far better.

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