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Severed rabbit heads in mailboxes: Gruesome mystery solved in Westfield, Mass.

Severed heads of rabbits found in mailboxes in Westfield, Mass. The mystery is solved as two men identified.
Severed heads of rabbits found in mailboxes in Westfield, Mass. The mystery is solved as two men identified.

Police in Westfield, Mass. have identified the two men who left severed heads of rabbits in mailboxes in the city. The two men deliver newspapers to the Westfield, Southwick and Granville area of Western Mass, according to on April 25.

This sick Easter joke had a postal worker opening up mailboxes to deliver mail only to find the bloody severed head of a rabbit waiting for them. This disturbing find was reported by three residents in the city so far, with two more rabbit heads still unaccounted for.

The two men confessed to finding five dead rabbits along their delivery route. They took the rabbits back to their home and cut their heads off with the intention of leaving the heads in random mailboxes on their newspaper route. They put the heads in the mailboxes between April 14th and as an "Easter morning joke."

This story made national news as the New York Daily News reports that two of the severed heads were left in sisters’ mailboxes, who lived about a quarter of a mile apart from each other. One lived on Pinehurst and the other lived on Willis St. in Westfield.

While it is reported that these men left the heads “randomly,” this appears to be more than a huge coincidence that two sisters living streets away from one another were each left a severed rabbit’s head. The N.Y. Daily News reports that the postal worker notified the residents about the gruesome find. The second head discovered is described as a “bloody massacre.”

The third victim lived about five miles away and was not related to the sisters. This victim reported the rabbit head found in her mailbox only after she read about the other two in the local newspaper.

Westfield Police Sgt. Steve Dickinson reports that the two men, a 26-year-old from Chicopee and a 24-year-old from Springfield, were found with help from the public. When News 22 spoke with Sgt. Jeff Baillargen on Friday morning he reported that the two men were not arrested. Any charges they will face will be determined by the detective bureau as they investigate this case.

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