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Severed horse head discovered in field by neighbor in Southwest Miami-Dade

Flies covered a horse's severed head in a rural neighborhood. It is not known who owned the horse.
Flies covered a horse's severed head in a rural neighborhood. It is not known who owned the horse.
Animal Recovery Mission

The same tragic story of horses being slain for their meat continues to happen in the rural southwest areas of Miami-Dade. A severed horse head was found on the corner of Eureka Drive and Southwest 197th Ave. reported Friday's

Henk Schorel made the grisly discovery on New Year's Day and notified Richard Couto, founder of Animal Recovery Mission, who continues to expose the most horrific crimes done to animals at illegal slaughter farms and for the black market horse meat trade.

According to Couto, the horse was slain in an animal sacrifice as are goats, pigs, and other farm animals. The horse's body was cut up and its meat sold in the profitable black market of horse meat sales.

"Found under Royal Palm trees aside a main intersection where many Santeria worshipers would leave chickens and goats as offering today left a horse head. Dogs, African lions and yes horses are all found at Santeria ceremonial sites across the country. We at ARM are quite certain this was the case here and the horses meat traded on the black market. The horse was found in K-4, the largest extreme animal cruelty zone in the United States," stated Couto.

There were no bullet holes in this skull. According to Couto, animals are usually stabbed either in the throat or in the heart and butchered alive.

In May 2013, Destiny was led from her stall and murdered for her meat as the horse's colt looked on. Read the entire story by clicking here. Destiny was part of the family according to her owner Raquel Torres.

Couto has investigated more than 50 similar crimes; some of the worst offenders have been tried and convicted, however the severity of the situation continues.

No one knows who this horse may have belonged to, and the Miami-Dade Police and Richard Couto continue their investigations.

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