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Severe weather impact on airline flights in Los Angeles and the east

Checking flight delays out of Los Angeles International Airport on February 13, 2014 showed 18 morning and early afternoon flight cancellations from New York, Newark, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Toronto.

The website showed 27 cancelled flights into New York's JFK airport including flights originating in Hong Kong and Paris.

Airwise tracks 20 of the nation's airports.

A foot of snow is predicted for much of the eastern U.S. According to reports on the website, snow was falling at the rate of three inches per hour in New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

In northern New Jersey, up to four inches of snow was reported to have dropped in about a half hour.

Meanwhile, there are no weather delays into Los Angeles but the daily does of sunshine points to another type of severe weather—drought. Freeway signs are now urging southern California residents to conserve water.

Downtown Los Angeles will receive on average just less than 15 inches of rain per year. A map through the Department of Public Works shows a season-to-date total of less than one inch for parts of downtown.

Click here to access the DWP map and check recent and seasonal rainfall totals.

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