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Severe Weather Chap Oscar Takes Cover

NASHVILLE I have preached for almost a decade now the best move is a proactive step to protect your family. Severe storms can do great damage and please don't tell me Chap Oscar " It Can't Happen Here" now do you have a written safety disaster plan for your family?

Make sure everyone knows where to go and exactly what to do in case of emergency. identify now proactively an emergency meeting place, such as a park or building or landmark near your home. Assign out of state friend or family as a contact person. I made sure my small sons knew how to cut off utilities like gas and water mains. Do you hVe a flashlight and are the batteries new? How about a little cash stash? Now let us now talk about your pets should you or should you not leave them behind how about their emergency kit? Having a proactive plan in place can save many lives. My new email is Thanks Be Safe!