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Severe turbulence on United plane's descent into Billings sends five to hospital

Here’s a good reason to keep your seat belt buckled up at all times during a flight. According to a report by AOL today, severe turbulence during a descent on a United Airlines flight 1676 from Denver, Colorado to Billings Montana yesterday, Feb. 17, sent five passengers to the hospital (three crew and two passengers).

The AOL article said that the flight was carrying 114 passengers and five crew members on board. “Then, something went wrong as reported by Google Earth.” There was blood ... A lot of yelling, a lot of screaming. It only lasted probably about 30 seconds. ... It's the most helpless feeling ever,” announced WRC-TV.

AOL cited the Denver Post as reporting that the initial drop the plane took was so forceful, "an infant flew from a parent's arms." The baby fortunately landed in a nearby chair and was unharmed. And one man told a Montana station, he saw a woman hit a ceiling panel so hard it cracked according to KTVQ.

News sources say it had been a smooth flight until the landing began. United Airlines released a statement that the company was investigating and reviewing the situation while its primary focus for now was assisting its employees and passengers who were injured.

Be safe on a flight and keep your seat beat fastened.

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