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Severe ammo shortage hits Great Falls

Boxes of 9mm and .223 rifle ammuntion.
Boxes of 9mm and .223 rifle ammuntion.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Gun owners in Great Falls are buying ammo at record rates, and some retailers are having problems keeping their shelves stocked.

Scheels, Big R and Mitchell Supply all had extremely limited supplies and in some cases were completely sold out.

James Mitchell, owner of Mitchell Supply, stated, “Supplies just aren’t there because government agencies are purchasing ammunition at record rates.”

“Gun owners are concerned that actions by the federal government could lead to limited availability of ammunition,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell Supply specializes in rifles, shooting accessories, and tactical gear, and he says, “There’s not much hope of it getting better in the short term.”

The planet Uranus is now in the sign of Aries. Uranus is about emancipation from rules and structure that inhibit us and looks for revolutionary new ideas. Aries is the sign of instinct, adventure and rules warfare and the tools of warfare.

During this Uranus Aries transit there will be an increase in arms investments, gun ownership, and gun rights will be in the forefront.

The coming Uranus square Pluto, will also bring social chaos and upheaval, the right to own and bear arms will be seen as a given right, and we will see guns carried in public.

To Mitchell, guns are a way of life – and a right that should remain uncontested within the fabric of American society.

He also stated, “Guns are part of the Montana heritage, we hunt, we also shoot for recreation. We shoot for fun.”

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