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Several lawmakers and lobbyist groups try to limit proposed FDA ban on antibiotics in livestock



  • Nancy Z-Grand Rapids Health Examiner 5 years ago

    Something should be done to limit the use of antibiotics.

  • Winona Cooking Examiner 5 years ago

    The use of antibiotics should be limited.

  • Winona Home & Living 5 years ago

    The FDA has a big job but it seems lately that things are quite lax where they are concerned. The public is suffering because of it.

  • Jon 5 years ago

    The problem is not the use of antibiotics, but the brazenly INAPPROPRIATE use of antibiotics. An absolute ban is stupidity, animals get sick just as humans do. How about we ban those who submitted the bill from ever giving their pets antibiotics, or outlaw use of all pesticides in the home even when you have an infestation? The bill MUST be appropriate for the issue, not a knee-jerk reaction of fearful consumers who don't know the facts.

  • Tina T. - Chicago Healthy Living Examiner 5 years ago

    Jon - the bill is to ban antibiotic use for growth purposes - conventional farmers regularly add antibiotics to the animals' feed to promote growth and to lessen disease because the animals are packed together, unlike free range cattle. Nowhere in the bill would they ban antibiotics if the animals were truly ill.

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