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Several Facts about Swimming Pool Construction

We all love swimming pools and many of us think are having one in our backyard would really be fantastic. If you are considering this venture, you should learn something about their construction before you take the plunge.

In case you’ve decided to have a swimming pool built on your property, timing is of paramount importance for this project. Pool contractors’ schedules tend to fill up pretty quickly with the arrival of warm weather, while construction can take up to 2-3 months depending on the type of poll you choose, as well as its dimensions.

The best time to get in touch with a contractor usually somewhere close to the beginning of the year. It is also the best time to learn what kind of permits you’ll need to obtain from local authorities and or homeowner’s association. Waiting until April or May will probably mean that you’ll throw a party to mark the first day of summer at a public pool instead in the privacy of your own home.

Pool construction starts with design and layout. The pool builder of your choice will come over and measure your yard to establish what shape and size is most adequate for your house. Once you know the measurements, you and the pool builder should work together to determine the right dimensions of your pool, in addition to the materials and any additional features might want to have. Since pool pricing depends heavily on its design considerations, the contractor can give you a quote until this initial step has been taken.

Once the design has been finalized, the pool builder will plan for construction. Depending on the time needed to obtain all the required permits, as well as the contractor’s schedule, construction should start within a couple of weeks. It begins with the so-called “stakeout”, which is when the builder lays out the design on site using stakes and string, we learn from highly-rated Sydney-based pool builders.At this point, you also have the last chance to modify the pool design before the actual construction begins.

Excavation is the first step in pool construction – an in-ground swimming pool has to be dug out on site. For this reason,construction should not be schedule to begin before springtime, particularly if you live in northern parts. Excavation can take considerably longer if the ground is too cold. However, construction shouldn’t begin too late, either, as no pool builder can get enough digging done in blazing sun. You’ll be best advised to rely on your contractor’ experience, as they will know the best time to schedule for work.

With the pool hole excavated, builders will install steel and wood forming and braces to give your pool structure, and then do the plumbing and electrical work. What comes next is that concrete is poured out of high-pressure hoses in order to form your pool’s inner shell. When the shell dries, the contractors will backfill the rest of the excavation and give it time to settle before adding tiles, edging and other features. This phase will depend on your preferences, but your swimming pool builders are usually happy to work with you until your dream design is created. Once construction has been completed, you and your family can start enjoying all the benefits of having a pool in your backyard.

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