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Several civil rights groups held rallies to demand justice for Jordan Davis

Civil rights organization hold rally for Jordan Davis
Civil rights organization hold rally for Jordan Davis
Roger Weeder / First Coast News

On the day following what would have been Jordan Davis' nineteenth birthday, a rally was held at the Gate gas station on Baymeadows Rd. in Jacksonville, FL which is the place where Michael Dunn fatally shot Davis in November, 2012. The rally on Monday was organized by the Free Marissa Now and The New Jim Crow movements

Monday’s rally was held on the heels of a rally following the mistrial on Saturday in which Michael Dunn was convicted on three counts of attempted murder but not convicted for the murder of Davis.

The rally on Saturday started outside the courtroom and convened at the office of State Attorney Angela Corey. The protesters were demanding Corey resign her position as state prosecutor following her inability to get a conviction in the Zimmerman trial and now a mistrial of Michael Dunn.

Saturday’s protest was organized by members of the Jacksonville Progressive Coalition and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Estefania Galvis who was one of the lead organizers for the Justice for Trayvon protest following the Zimmerman verdict in Sanford, FL last year said:

“The only way we can be counted and heard is to speak up loudly when injustices are happening.”

“Michael Dunn has shown a supremacist attitude, not only towards the young African American man he murdered, but also toward the woman in his life,” said Galvis. “He denies that the word 'thug' is part of his vocabulary, and calling his partner 'emotionally incapable of remembering' his mentioning a gun, are examples of his racism and sexism.”

Dunn’s fiancé contradicted his assertion that the youth in the SUV had a gun and that he therefore was entitled to defend himself. No evidence nor any witness corroborated that assertion which spurred the protest demanding that Dunn be convicted for the murder of Davis.

The parents of Jordan Davis held a news conference following the verdict on Saturday in which they thanked the citizens of Jacksonville for supporting them throughout the trial. It is unclear as to whether the Davis’ will support an effort to retry Dunn for the murder of their son despite the fact that the state attorney’s office has announced that they will retry Dunn on the murder charge.


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