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Several agencies help make homeownership possible


AP Photo/ Phil Coale

Would you like to purchase a home? However, you don't know the first thing about that process. Several agencies can help you educate yourself about homeownership for little or no fee: HUD, Birmingham Urban League, Birmingham Homeownership Center, JCCEO, and the 211 helpline.

HUD is short for U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. It is a governmental agency. The agency's web-page houses an abundance of online literature about homeownership. Users can access info about the 9 steps of buying a home, avoiding foreclosure, fair housing as it relates to discrimination, and more.

The Birmingham Urban League is a HUD approved housing counseling agency. According to their web-page, they offer several services geared towards homeownership: money management, rental and purchase procedures, housing selection, fair housing counseling, relief measures for mortgage default, property care and maintenance, and referrals to community resources. Their phone number is 205-326-0162.

The Birmingham Homeownership Center is another HUD approved housing counseling agency. It's counseling services pertain to homeownership education, foreclosure prevention, individual credit / budget education, and etc. Online literature - foreclosure prevention info and budgeting tools - can be found on their web-page. Their phone number is 205-591-7500.

JCCEO is the abbreviation for Jefferson County Committee for Economic Opportunity. The self-proclaimed agenda of this agency is to "assist low to moderate income people achieve economic self sufficiency." This agency offers financial literacy, homeownership counseling, and other services. Their phone number is 205-327-7500.

Homeownership can be a big deal. Unfortunately, many American homeowners have or will be faced with foreclosure. Homeowners facing foreclosure can get resource referral info by calling the 211 helpline sponsored by the United Way. Hopefully, the agencies mentioned above can help people make their homeownership goals a reality.



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