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Seventeen could spell lawsuit

Miley Cyrus is on the May cover of Elle magazine with permission, and a candid interview inside. She’s also on the cover of Seventeen magazine, but if you look closely at the photo, it’s not from an original shoot, it’s from a stock photo, which was used without Cyrus’ permission. Miley also recently told Rolling Stone that she prefers not to be on a cover girl for teen magazines because she no longer identifies with their target age groups and prefers to “be herself.”

Seventeen magazine's latest cover was used without permission
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

A spokesperson for Seventeen related: "Seventeen readers love Miley Cyrus, and we cover her every chance we get. She ranked high on the March issue’s Girl Power List. Our readers asked for more, so we responded as quickly as possible. Miley’s currently on tour promoting ‘Bangerz,’ so what better time than now to celebrate her and give our readers what they want."

The issue of Seventeen also contains a write up about Cyrus, not an actual interview. It seems the magazine is absolutely desperate to sell these days. Last spring, when Miley donned the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, it sold 1.1 million copies on newsstands. Does Seventeen deserve to sell that much without the singer’s permission? It’s doubtful that readers will fall for the magazine’s antics. Would you support Seventeen after this scam? Miley's people have yet to comment on the non-permissive acts as of yet.

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