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Sevendust: Right on TIme

Catch Sevendust-Live and Unplugged. Tourdates at
Catch Sevendust-Live and Unplugged. Tourdates at
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Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Sevendust, was formed in 1994. Their most recent effort is an acoustic album, with an accompanying tour entitled "An Evening with Sevendust". April 15th will mark the release of "Time Travelers & Bonfires", however, the Tour will be bring Sevendust to Dallas on Saturday, April 5th at Trees. This album was successfully funded through monetary pledges from their fans. It appears that Sevendust, after 20 years, is still breaking new ground and setting the standard for originality in the music industry.

A conversation with Lajon Witherspoon (lead vocals) is like spending time in the Deep South. It is reminiscent of a by gone era when friends sat on the front porch and discussed all the topics of the day. He may be a "Rocker", tattooed and pierced, but his demeanor is one of ease and a level of comfort usually reserved for those who share a common history. Perhaps this demeanor is part of the reason Sevendust has managed to have the same line-up for two decades (minus Clint Lowery's hiatus in 2004).

When asked about the longevity of the band, Lajon had this to say: "It's because it is what we are destined to do. We still have so much to do, so many things to accomplish, we are all committed to that. Plus, you get older, you learn how to live together. We've grown up together."

SM: Well, it is a brilliant album. Congratulations! But why an acoustic album?"
LW: Thank you, means we must be doing something right. We did an acoustic about ten years ago and ever since then people have been asking when we would do another. Now just seemed like the time. And when we got into the studio, it was magic. Everything just came together."

SM: I see that there is great blend of new material and some old favorites, and that 'Black' will be returning as the new single. Will we see other Sevendust favorites making an acoustic showing?
LW: We go in next week to work on the set list, so we will see. I'm sure there will be some familiar favorites on the list.

SM: How has the music scene changed since those early days in Atlanta?
LW: We were hungry. We wanted it so badly. I remember playing the Rec Room and the team from TVT (management) came in. They thought it was a strip club! Good for us, they stayed. And signed us shortly after that. Of course, social media and digital music have changed the scene. Back then, labels actually came out and signed people, everyone was hungry. I miss those days.

SM: If you could pick someone to go on tour with, past or present, dead or alive, who would it be?
LW: Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix. We'd be coming in hot, but we'd be coming in!

SM: Great answer! You should know that at least have the bands that I interview, regardless of genre, name Sevendust as a band they would love to tour with. How do you build and maintain that kind of respect in such a fickle industry?
LW: Wow! That is such a pleasure to hear. We are just staying the course, being who we are. But it's because of the people who take the time to come see us at a show, listen to our music, write an article; they are the fire that makes us family. And although I'm feeling older, it's still beautiful. I mean, we grew up with our fans and I'm thankful to be living the dream. And I can't believe I get to wake up everyday and live this musical life.

'Time Travelers & Bonfires' is, by far, one of the hardest hitting and accomplished acoustic albums to ever be committed to this medium. It is a fantastic representation of the evolution of the Sevendust sound, while paying homage to the gloriously grungy roots of these Southern Boys. It is a fantastic voyage of all that music is supposed to be. This is a 'must have' for the rock connoisseur, as well as, the main stream listener. Simply Brilliant.

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