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Seven theories of our solar system's evolution, all wrong

Trifid Nebula
Trifid Nebula
NASA photograph

The subject is too lengthy to delve deeply into each theory, however, we shall attempt to briefly show why they cannot be true and give references to more information where available. Our solar system functions with precision more accurately than an expensive clock or watch. The question of course is, if not created by an all powerful and all knowing God, how then could it have developed into such a precision system? Accidental? We will see the fallacies of those theories which have been put forth by the evolutionists. Like the 'Big Bang' and all other wild guesses, they simply would not have occurred.

The fact that brilliant men with advanced education will grasp at such unreasonable ideas that make them look foolish, only to avoid acknowledging the existence of an almighty God is most difficult to comprehend. When sound proof is available for His being and His power.

The primary two theories which have been promoted and grasped blindly by others are:

(1) A giant star wandered past our sun and swept clouds of gases from it which then balled together and formed planets. They refer to this as the planetesimal group of theories. A preschooler may have thought this was a great answer, but Astronomers and many others know full well that stars don't just happen to pass by others or wander around. It doesn't happen.

(2) The second wild guess is that a gigantic swirling cloud of gas formed itself into our sun, planets, moons, comets, and asteroids, forming our solar system. All the various planetesimal theories had about been discarded as hopeless by 1940. But beginning in the forties, a number of evolutionists among whom were Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, Fred Lawrence Whipple, Lyman Spitzer Jr., Harold Clayton Urey, Fred Hoyle and Gerald P. Kuiper, began pressing for a new study, concerning the gas cloud guess. These and other scientists knew and still know that gas in outer space, or anywhere else always spreads outward, never coagulating.

From those two main ideas, there have been 7 separate theories (better classified as fantasies) and all have absolute reasons they could not have happened as proposed. The Evolutionists can think of no other better ideas so they, again sweep the facts under the rug and go their merry way, teaching error as scientific fact in our schools.

Each of these 7 fantasies are listed below with also the number of reasons they could not work.

1. Nebular hypothesis: There are six specific reasons that this could not have occurred, either of them would have been sufficient to render it impossible

2. Fission theory: There are four sound reasons this could not have occurred.

3. Capture theory: Also four solid reasons this could not have developed.

4. Accretion theory: Only one reason is needed to prove this to be a totally silly idea.

5. Planetary collision theory: There are five very solid reasons this could not have happened, any one of which is more than proof.

6. Stellar collision theory: Two very sound proofs that this could not have formed our Solar system.

7. Gas cloud theory: two reasons this dould not occur, one of which is explained in the (1) section of the first 'main section' above.

The very lengthy and detailed explanations and further commentary on this subject can be found at: Chapter 3 of "The origin of our Solar System".

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