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Seven superstitions that surround the lovable Valentine's Day

Today is a day known for love, flowers, and a lot of chocolate! While you're having a nice sit down dinner with your significant other don't forget to read these superstitions to share with that special person.

Most of these superstitions have been around for centuries:

  • If a young single woman sees a bluebird on Valentine's Day, she'll then be happily married.
  • If she sees a dove, she'll then marry a good-hearted man. Doves are the sign of peace after all.
  • Now if she saw a woodpecker, well then she'll never get married.
  • Some superstitions say that the first man (who wasn't married) that a woman sees she would then marry him. Sounds a little pushy and fast!
  • To be awoken by a kiss on Valentine's Day is considered to be lucky.
  • Seeing a robin, met that a young woman would marry a sailor.
  • You get red roses on this day of love because it was the goddess of Love, Aphrodite's favorite flower. That's according to some myths.

Notice that like the holiday, the superstitions have a lot to do with love and marriage. There are plenty of superstitions that surround young unmarried women about birds. So anyway those were seven superstitions that are about Valentine's Day from getting married to the first person you see to the reason why we might get red roses according to folklore.

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