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"Seven Selected Artists" exhibit benefits the Bayou City Art Festival in Houston

"Seven Selected Artists" benefits Bayou City Arts Festival
"Seven Selected Artists" benefits Bayou City Arts Festival

Featured works by “Seven Selected Artists” will kick-off the first indoor exhibit from the Art Colony Association benefiting the Bayou City Art Festival.

The exhibit will be held at Hyde Park Gallery in Houston and provide an eclectic sampling of the best Bayou City Art Festival has to offer. This exhibit was specially curated by Nicola Parente and Kelly Kindred.
“Seven Selected Artists” will run from July 17 to August 23, 2014.

An opening reception is slated for July 17, 2014 6:30-9 p.m. An Artist Talk will be held on August 7, 2014 from 7:00-8:30 p.m. A closing reception is scheduled for August 21, 2014 at 6:30-9 p.m. Information for tickets can be found at Hyde Park Gallery is located at 115 Hyde Park Gallery in Houston. For more information, call 713-524-6913 or go to

The 7 artists include Charlie Hardwick, Eric Lee, Vic Lee, Jeannie Maddox, Syd Moen, Eric Ober and Tra Slaughter. These artists are a representation of the creative cross section of Bayou City Art Festival’s diverse and unique talent according to Susan Fowler, executive director of Bayou City Art Festival.

“We saw this opportunity as a way to further expand and strengthen our role in Houston’s art community. These artists are a perfect representation of Bayou City Art Festival’s and Hyde Park Gallery’s dedication to enhancing our city’s eclectic arts scene. We are excited to partner with Hyde Park for our first gallery show and hope this will be the first of many more gallery partnerships in the future,” Fowler said.

Bayou City Art Festival Downtown 2014 is host to 300 Artists, 19 Disciplines, 16 Non-Profits, music, food, and creative zones all in downtown Houston. The BCAF will be held Saturday October 11 and October 12, 2014.

Bios for the artists are as follows:
1. Charlie Hardwick – “Uncle” Charlie Hardwick produces radiantly-colored posters for venues featuring some of the world's biggest music acts. After an illness in 2003 left him legally blind in 2007 and corporate downsizing in 2008 left him without a job, Charlie fell back on his love for creating rock posters as a way to earn a living.
2. Eric Lee – After spending approximately 20 years as a technical consultant to architects and designers, Eric pioneered the process of back painting frameless glass with an innovative method that seals the back of glass surfaces against damage from moisture and abrasion.
3. Vic Lee – With no classical art training, Vic started painting in 2002 as he was going through life altering experiences. As a result of that journey, he found painting to be the method in which he could express his new found beliefs and deliver his message.
4. Jeannie Maddox – “Is it a painting or photograph?” This is the most asked question about the larger than life oil paintings of Jeannie Maddox. She describes her work as “a photo realistic painter who paints abstractly.” Her works are based on photographs that she and her husband, Sam take from their travels around the country.
5. Syd Moen – A native Houstonian, Moen received both a B.A. in Art History and a Master of Architecture from the University of Houston. She has always had an interest in photography and is best known for her spherical panorama photographs of historical landmarks, a series given the name, “little planets."
6. Eric Ober – Eric’s work is hand forged from steel using welding and fabricating techniques. Doing all of the work on his art entirely by himself without the use of any casting processes, his work is unique in that he worked with steel long before he began creating steel sculpture.
7. Tra Slaughter – Tra is a self-taught artist, who says that “painting and creating art is as necessary as water and air for him.” He finds inspiration for art in daily-life and activities. As an artist, he sees it as his duty and responsibility to show the everyday in a new way.

Bayou City Art Festival – Downtown is presented each fall by Art Colony Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to producing high quality art festivals and events. Hundreds of artists are joined by music, food and fun. Over the past 43 years, the festivals have raised over $35 million benefitting arts education for children, adults, local arts and community service organizations and Houston parks throughout Greater Houston. The Festivals are funded in part by grants from the City of Houston and through Houston Arts Alliance.

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