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Seven reason to love Coconuts!

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In the past couple of years there have numerous reports and articles touting the greatness of coconuts. Whether for drinking the water, using the oil for cooking or as a part of a beauty regimen there seems to be a love for coconuts.
Although once they seemed pretty exotic today they can be easily purchased in stores such as Wholefoods and for about $8 at So steal these tips from Josie Feria, Director of Operations at Lapis Spa at Fontainebleau Miami Beach and treat yourself like a queen at home.

1. Use it as a hydrator for the hair, it works especially well for those who color or have curly hair. Apply to hair from root to tip (more on the bottom and less to root if you have fine hair), then cover with a shower cap for thirty minutes. Rinse and shampoo as you normally would.

2. When it comes to frizz all it takes is a little dab run through your lovely locks in order to command complete control. Bonus it adds shine too!

3. Sometimes to get your hair and nails growing there needs to be a little stimulation. Gently massage into your scalp for all natural hair stimulator and as well on nails to enhance growth.

4. Now that summer is fast approaching many of us are starting to get manis and pedis once again. Rub on cuticles before heading to your salon to eliminate dryness that can happen from using nail polish remover or just washing your hands.

5. At the end of a long day it’s a great way to remove your caked on makeup without irritating your skin. Place oil onto a cotton swab, gently rub against all areas of the face then rinse with warm water.

6. Nothing is more annoying than ingrown hair, especially in the bikini region. Create your own exfoliator by adding rock salt (sugar if you have sensitive skin), to coconut oil. Use in the shower and come out feeling silky.

7. Winter has finally bid us adieu and so should the dry skin that it brought. Slather it all over your body as you would your regular lotion paying special attention to elbows and knees.



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