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Seven out of 10 care for older adults.

dance the night away
dance the night away

As the baby boom generation approaches retirement age, millions of Americans are facing one wrenching question: What to do about Mom and Dad?

The country is approaching a “Silver Tsunami,” as millions of families reach a new stage of life. According to AARP, there are almost 66 million family caregivers in the United States — nearly 30 percent of the entire U.S. population. Seven out of 10 care for older adults.

What if Mom, Dad could take some steps now to help deal with their future? We have a choice. The choice is actually quite simple.

It’s called CCS CareGiver Program

This program is for anyone who is concerned with the future and, more importantly, with protecting the lifestyle they have worked so hard to build. And looking at the statistics of the baby boomers turning 65 years in 2011 we all need to be pro-active with our futures.

So often we worry about where we will live when we get older? The CareGiver Program can keep your loved ones at home,

Morris said to start talking sooner rather than later about where an aging relative will live, whether it be an assisted-living care facility, a nursing home or at home with home care.

Resnick said there were policies among established insurers that provided long-term care that didn't require a nursing home. "They realize. ... there are ways that they can provide care for less money than a nursing home, that will give you everything you need while you still live in your own home," he said.

It’s called CCS CareGiver Program

Morris said that some elderly people were getting adjacent apartments with a shared door so they could help each other. Resnick said that some of the best nursing homes were in smaller communities. Stewart said that she took her mother to wonderful retirement villages and homes, but that her mother opted to stay at home so she could maintain her network of friends.

To learn more about the CareGiver program please click this link:

This link Pricing is to an online form which will get you started today on protecting your future.

The Silver Tsunami is upon us - but we can deal with it with this unique program, if you become disabled in activities of daily living, whether while employed or due to simple aging, you can be cared for at home, by those who love you most and at the same time provide those caregivers with necessary financial and emotional support. Stranger care (the type of support typically offered through traditional long term care insurance policies) is no longer the only alternative.



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