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Seven months in a cage: Broken dog wants to trust and be loved

Desperate Dogs of Long Island FB Page

For seven long months, a two-and-a-half-year old boxer mix has lived her life inside of a lonely animal control kennel run in New York.

The dog, dubbed "Charlotte," arrived to the Hempstead Animal Shelter in Long Island, N.Y., in January as a stray. Though her history is unknown, her demeanor, and expressive eyes reveal a sad past.

A volunteer wrote the following words about Charlotte:

"Each time I put her back in her cage my heart breaks...and I pray for someone to give her the life she deserves..."

She arrived in January 2014, a stray with no history- yet her eyes spoke her story, and it was clear life was not Charlotte.

A dog that has endured heartbreak, she may have been hit in the past, no one knows- but one thing is painfully clear- Charlotte yearns to trust again- and she be loved.

Charlotte is a timid dog who lacks confidence; though she is working with a trainer, the kennel environment is not only stressful, but it does not give her the support and encouragement that she needs to thrive.

The importance of getting Charlotte into a new environment has been expressed:

she needs out - quickly - before she deteriorates....and we can't let that happen.
She's spent 7 months in a cage, and that's 7 months too long.

Please take a moment to share Charlotte's information - help her join a family who will show her true love and acceptance.

Email contact: or call 516-785-5220, extension 4628

Identification: Charlotte, CC#3598

Facebook thread here .

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