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Seven keys to make a Pinterest pin go viral

Do you have any idea how far your Pinterest pins travel? Brands are either not as effective on Pinterest because they do not know the important steps to take after completing a business profile, or they do not step out on Pinterest because they think it will take more resources than they are able to sacrifice. Below are seven key things you can do to get the most power out of each pin that you possibly can.

Pinterest Pin
Screenshot by Robin Foster

Connect to social sites. Do you have followers on Facebook or Twitter? If you connect your social networks with your Pinterest account, people who are already following you in those places will be able to find you. Connect to the following networks in your Pinterest settings:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • G-mail
  • Yahoo

Pin at the right time. You want to pin during times when the most people are on Pinterest. This insures that you will get the most repins and clicks. According to Fannit, the best times to post on Pinterest are:

  • Saturday mornings
  • 2-4 PM
  • 8-11 PM

The worst times to post are 5-7 PM and 1 AM to 7 AM. See The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC].

Follow the right people. Create your boards, and pin a few items to each board. Then, follow the people with the most followers and the most pins. This increases the likelihood that if you pin great content your pins will be shared with a wider audience. Follow people that pin your content as a way of saying thank you.

Make you pins stand out. You need to make sure that you create your pins using professional images and video. Your pins need to get attention and take up a reasonable amount of space in the newsfeed to make sure they are seen. The best size for Pinterest pins would be 776X900 pixels. Here are a few examples of great pins.

Be consistent. Set a schedule, and pin consistently according to schedule so your pinners will get in the habit of seeing you at a certain time each day. If you go a long time without pinning, it will be difficult to get their attention again.

Ask a question in the caption. A great way to prompt followers to click through to your blog or website is to ask a question in your caption and suggest they check out the link to a post or article to get the answer to the question.

Provide content that solves a problem. No matter how much time you spend creating pins and sharing them, you need to make your pins worth repining by linking to quality content. Share content that informs and provides solution to real world challenges that your audience faces every day. They will be happy to share what they have found with their friends, and you will establish trust with them. They will know that when they repin, they are helping others learn as well.

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