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Seven is the lucky number

N7 Creamery's front counter.
Jacob Willson

If you take 7 protons, and 7 neutrons, add some homemade ice cream to the mix, you get N7 Creamery. A café, bakery, ice cream shop hybrid with a cool look and a homey feel; you say you’ve never heard of such a mix? Well you can now head down to Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, and right on Kew Street you’ll find this amazing cafe.

Exposed brick, tin ceilings, and rustic wood counters that wrap around the front end. Are framed by hanging industrial lights, and a massive chalkboard where they list the menu items, this place is a hipster’s wet dream and an artist haven.

In the back is the lounge. A great place for any working student to go back there and do some homework. The lounge has low comfortable lighting, and a couple well-placed bookshelves for the weary shopper to stop in and have a good read, and relax. This is an ideal work place for the brooding writer a dark, secluded area full of tea and sweets. People would never want to leave such an inviting place and they shouldn’t, at least not before they have tried all that N7 has to offer.

At N7 their coffee is an art form. Coffee which is roasted by a company called Stumptown Coffee whose artisan roasters, test and taste each blend to make sure it is perfect for the N7 customer. What's great about the coffee Stumptown Coffee roasts is it gets to N7 fresh and N7 is sure to keep it on the shelves for only 9 days. Any longer and you no longer get that great tasting coffee N7 is known for. This attention to detail and care is what makes this cafe so special, and because of this their coffee has notes of wild fruit, oak, and dark chocolate. Now all that sounds super fancy and intimidating to the recreational coffee pot, k-cup user, but try it and you won’t be disappointed. Along with their amazing coffee they make delicious fresh tea; served hot or iced, with flavors varying from jasmine, green, and some more exotic choices.

N7’s bakery takes the same attention to detail used for their drinks and amps it up when it comes to the food. They only use the best of the best; organic non-GMO flours, local cage free eggs, and organic sweeteners (like agave). N7 works with local farmers for their ingredients. They are a business that shows us that great food can come from right here in our own backyard. N7's dedication to quality comes through in the deliciousness of their food. From Chocolate Chip cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, Pistachio Tarts, Rosemary Blueberry Scones. To all kinds of fruit tarts, and French Macaroons, each baked good is better than the last.

Lets not forget about their tasty frozen treats, the ice cream at N7 is on a whole other level. Made to order, they use fresh ingredients for all their innovative flavors. Now the way they make ice cream is some awesome Bill Nye level science. They use liquid nitrogen stored in a compressed liquid state at approximately -325°F or C. Once the liquid nitrogen is exposed to the air, when they pour it over the ice cream mixture it evaporates causing huge clouds of harmless gas to flow over the counter. It’s honestly the coolest thing, and if that doesn’t make you want to order more ice cream just to watch it over and over again; the flavors will. Mascarpone Cheese with Lavender, Salted Carmel, and Green Tea are some of the choices. The best thing about their ice cream being made to order is that the flavors can be changed daily, so every time you go in you have a chance of trying something new.

N7 Creamery is bringing something new to the Inland Empire that we haven’t seen before, and they are doing it well. With great local ingredients, and an amazing atmosphere. Helmed by passionate barista’s who are friendly, knowledgeable, and funny. N7 is well on their way of showing the world how you can use local, sustainable ingredients, to make a product that is delicious, and a business that is here to stay.

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