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Seven horror movies with rock stars in its cast

Rock stars and horror movies go together pretty well. That being said here is a list of some famous names that made their presense in some horror films from Jon Bon Jovi to Ozzy Osbourne.

1. "Monster Dog" (1984)

"Monster Dog," was an 80s spanish horror movie that was directed by Claudio Fragasso and it starred in the lead Alice Cooper.

2. "Trick or Treat" (1986)

"Trick or Treat," starred two famous rockers, Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne. Not a great movie, but for fans of both rockers, will want to watch it at least once. Maybe.

3. "The Hunger" (1983)

David Bowie has starred in plenty of movies actually, and the 80s vampire movie "The Hunger" is one that is on that list. His co-stars were Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve . In the film you'll also see the rock band, Bauhaus!

4. "Frankenstein Unbound" (1990)

This sci-fi horror flick starred John Hurt in the lead and was directed by Roger Corman. The late rocker from INXS, Michael Hutchence starred in the movie too as the poet, Percy Shelley.

5. "Tales from the Darkside: The Movie" (1990)

Deborah Harry from Blondie has starred in her share of movies. In the film, she plays the witch that the little boy tells three stories too, so she won't eat him. Harry was also in Cronenberg's "Videodrome."

6. "Bram Stoker's Dracula" (1992)

The rocker Tom Waits was the crazed Renfield in the popular Francis Ford Coppola "Dracula" movie.

7. "Vampires: Los Muertos" (2002)

Okay this wasn't a great sqeuel to the 1998 "Vampires," but Jon Bon Jovi fans can agree, it's fun to watch at least.

So those were seven horror flicks that had starred some pretty cool rock stars. There are plenty out there, so share which ones are your personal favorites!

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