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Seven fun ways to stay fit during bathing suit season

Seven fun ways to stay fit during bathing suit season
Seven fun ways to stay fit during bathing suit season

There’s no denying it -- bathing suit season is in full swing. Instead of sweating it out in the gym, head outside with these fun ideas to get fit and stay fit all summer long. With these deals, save up to 70% on regular prices; take the extra cash to buy a cute new suit; you’ve earned it.

FIRM ABS: Try paddleboading. This sport isn’t going away anytime soon. Enjoy the open water and sunshine on the Malibu coast ($45, reg. $90) plus work on firming your stomach at the same time.

TONE ARMS: Give kayaking a go. In Newport Beach, you and a friend will feel the burn on your biceps and triceps by embarking on a three-hour kayak journey ($25 & up, reg. $90). Biking and surfing deals are also available to continue working out at the beach.

SHAPE LEGS: Hiking is a great way to shape quads and calves. Take in the picturesque views of Los Angeles while hiking Mt. Baldy’s scenic trails. In summer, the ski resort offers a chairlift ride up and unlimited breakfast ($19, reg. $40) on top of Mt. Baldy so you can fuel up before burning off those calories.

TIGHTEN THIGHS: Yes, horseback riding is a great thigh workout. In Temecula, you can take in the beautiful wine country on a horse ($59, reg. $109). You’ll be engaging your thighs and butt whether you want to or not, so enjoy the workout and the ride!

LOW IMPACT: Walking is good for everyone, so try an interactive tour by Stray Boots ($12, reg. $24). I signed up and walked for several hours while getting to know LA’s hot spots: Hollywood, Venice or Beverly Hills. Because it’s only low-impact walking, I felt revived and wasn’t even sore the next day.

GYM RATS: If you must hit the gym, try a power class such as cardio barre, boxing, power yoga or Zumba. In Santa Monica, 220 Fitness has a slew of classes to help you ramp up your workouts ($25, reg. $75 for five classes).

TAKE A PLUNGE: Swimming is a total-body workout without the sweat factor. So why not do laps around Venice or Santa Monica Pier? For calmer but colder waters, go for long laps in Malibu. The best part is you only have to pay for parking, this swim workout is free!