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Seven deadly interview blunders


The following describes the most common errors that candidates make in the interview process. Once you are aware of the wrong impressions, it is so much easier to make a positive appearance.

Portraying a deer in the headlight look
Many who show up for interviews are so nervous and still preparing for those dreadful questions that they are not even focused in the moment when they walk in the door. HR managers have seen that look in many hellos and handshakes. Be here in the moment and if fear holds you back, try some tricks. For me, if I am meeting someone new, it always help to say quietly under my breath as I enter "Its show time!" And somehow I am ready to go.

Loss of energy
Regardless of your age, you need to show a sparkle in your eye, and and a spring in your step. Stop want this job. If nothing else, enjoy meeting others and finding out about the company. This is an experience to get off the couch, network and improve your interviewing style.

Not following the thirty second rule
If your asked to briefly tell me about yourself, utilize the thirty second rule; a minute is acceptable too, but don't reveal your life story. Stay away from personal information that defines your marital or parental status. This is a script that should be memorized ahead of time.

Comparing yourself to others
If asked what you can do for the company, team etc, give an example of past experience and how that can relate to the position you are applying. You don't want to explain how good you are but how good you are with others. You may be given a tour of the team to see how you interact.

Desperate to be hired
It shows; the eyes are an accurate reflection of your emotions, some call them the passage to your soul. Don't say anything just to get the job. If a red flag comes up about the job, state what it is. The interviewer may be looking for the right person to change that same issue that you have questioned; a constant problem they don't have a ready solution.

Not asking questions
Many freeze, become tired and just don't know what to ask about the job and company. Many hiring specialists have commented that they are not called back if you don't ask me about the company's culture or history.That is one definitive way of determining you are not that interested.

Cell phone interruptions
Keep the cell phone in your purse,pocket and turn it off completely. Even the silent, texts and Facebook notifications are still annoying and distracting.

On the flip side of it all, know the company, ask to clarify if you don't understand, show that your flexible when it comes to time and money. Present your design for solving problems, create a atmosphere that will allow others to grow. Pave a creative road for the employer.

You may just be the candidate I have been looking for all my life

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