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Seven days left to help create 'The Last Beat'

There are still 7 days to contribute to “The Last Beat’s” campaign at indiegogo. Director Robert Saitzyk is trying to raise funds to film “The Last Beat” a movie loosely based on the last days of Jim Morrison in Paris. Saitzyk is seeking to raise $100,000 to film the movie the way he thinks it should be filmed. As of this writing a little less than half has been raised but there are still seven days, in seven days we can create worlds.

We have followed “The Last Beat” over the past four years, since the project was first announced and we’ve followed the ups and downs in the efforts to fund and film this movie. This past Sunday, Robert Saitzyk and star Shawn Andrews were interviewed by Jason Shimberg of ShimDawg Press on WLUW in Chicago. The forty minute interview explores the plot of the movie, why they want to make this film and what attracted them to the idea, this interview lays out a lot of landscape that maybe hasn‘t been revealed before.

This morning Saitzyk also released a behind the scenes video of recording of a song, “Illusions” that is part of the original soundtrack that will be used in the film. The song sets a moody, brooding tone that seems to set the right tone and ‘feel’ to the movie. You can watch the video at the top of this article.

To contribute to “The Last Beat” please visit their indiegogo website, you will also find information on perks and premiums available for your contribution. For previous Doors Examiner stories on “The Last Beat” please see the related articles below.

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