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'Settle' In Denver with Rachel Oliver

Rachel Oliver, Settle

“Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life” ~ Mary Oliver.

One wild and precious life. It seems that far too often people don’t grab the bull by the horns and live the life they want, no, are meant to live. How many times have you, or someone close to you, just settled? How many times have you taken the safer route? And, what if the expectations of the life you are “supposed” to live just isn’t the one you want to live? Women, in particular, are encouraged to “have it all”, but imagine if you simply took a step back, changed direction and watched the dust settle instead of themselves? This is what MFA candidate Rachel Oliver is exploring in her second offering of her January thesis dance concert “Settle”.

The complexities of the 21st century woman is somewhat of a balancing act in which one is made to feel like a failure if she cannot achieve the ideal of “having it all”. Utilizing film, dance and an original sound score by Jesse Manno, Oliver is in pursuit to understand and deconstruct these colossal expectations. What if one simply decides to do less?

According to Oliver “Settle began as a way for me to seek reflection and commentary on personal experiences. As it developed and I joined forces with a cast of eleven other women of different generations, it inspired reflection for each of us.” As the dancers formed a bond through the rehearsal process, they created, explored and shared their thoughts and experiences of domesticity, family traditions and cultural ideals. “Film, dance, and our great grandmother's best china collide in this evening length dance work.”

Held this time around in Denver, Oliver is reaching out to fellow dancers, choreographers, and artists to form a collective of generous exchanges. Oliver explained, “ This performance opportunity came together in special way. The collaborating artists involved, all women, set forth to meet the needs of many people and projects involved. With a lack of government and grant funding, yet the expensive cost of venue rental and production costs, the ability to produce shows is more and more difficult. In order to keep creating work, we’ve collaborated to create a partnership between myself, Mary Lynn Lewark (Between the Bones Studio Collective) and Tara Rynders (You & Me Performance Project) which allows us to be able to create more art here in Denver. By each of us lending a hand and our talents, we are making things happen. In doing so we have essentially not only supported the upcoming work Rachel Oliver but that of many projects to come.”

The venue setting is small so make sure you reserve your tickets in advance. Come settle in!

Friday April 11 8:00 pm

Saturday April 12 8:00 pm

Between the Bones

Sixth Avenue UCC

3250 East 6th Avenue

Denver, CO 80206

(corner of 6th Avenue and Adams )

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