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Setting up a cigar smoking room in Buffalo

The winters in Buffalo are things of legend, with massive snow accumulations, freezing cold, and powerful Great Lakes winds that pile snow into massive, traffic-choking drifts. Standing outside to smoke cigars in Buffalo winter weather makes the experience less enjoyable, and in most cases not worth the effort. One soultion is to set up a cigar smoking room.

Some smoking rooms can be as simple as an enclosed porch with some protection against the elements. At the opposite side of the spectrum is a room, elegantly appointed with overstuffed leather furniture, antique desks, brass appurtenances, and all the trappings of comfort and relaxation, with a sophisticated air purification system.

For the simpler setting, several elements must be considered. First, the prevailing winds in Buffalo come from the southwest and blow to the northeast. Depending on the direction an enclosed porch area faces, this may be challenging, particlularly if the open area faces into the wind. If, on the other hand, the sheltered area is in the lee of the wind, or is blocked by the house, a comfortable area may be set up without being made unbearable by the elements. There are numerous creative solutions for sources of heat for outdoor settings, which go beyond the intended scope of this article, but safety must be paramount in all considerations.

For those with more liberal budgets, a room within the home can be made suitable both for the Buffalo cigar aficionado as well as for the air quality in the rest of the house for their family members. The simplest air moving system is a ceiling fan. Unfortunately, fans force the air to circulate throughout the room and, in most cases, outside of the room. Any ideal solution will involve containing the cigar smoke to the intended space only. With the smoke contained, it can then be vented out of the room to the outside of the house. NuTone sells a number of room ventilation systems that vary in power and noise levels. When equipped with proper ductwork, an air ventilation system could work nicely. Keep in mind the importance of professional ductwork installation since the air would be directed to the exterior of the home and if the side the exhaust is facing is the windward side, unwanted cold air could enter the living space.

Another possibility is a room air purification unit, such as those sold by IQ Air. These units are reasonably priced, require no expensive, professional installation or modification of home ductwork systems, and are very effective at clearing the air of cigar smoke.

Whatever the setting, keeping the cigar smoking air breathable is attainable and affordable. Buffalo may present environmental challenges for the cigar smoker, but a little planning and exploring available systems and solutions will provide a livable atmosphere for the aficionados and their families.


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