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Setting the World on Fire

With the recent running of the Boston Marathon, it can be rather tempting to think of what one is lacking. That is - and for most people this is true - we are not marathoners. Instead, we are ordinary folk.

We walk around the city - and the city is very walkable. Or we eat as well as we can - and Boston is very good for that, too. This is not the land of Velveeta cuisine. And we drink water - lots of people do. And so we are doing good things for ourselves.

But sometimes it can feel like it's just not enough.

Being an extreme weight loser means, let's face it, that it's a long-term commitment. It's a lot of work, and it is a lot of slow work, to get down there. And it's a lot of work to keep it off. So, perhaps, we can be forgiven for feeling a little inadequate at times.

Yet the corollary is also true, the feeling of being, perhaps, not invincible. But of having accomplished a lot. Celebrate that.


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