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Setting the value of trust in early childhood

Trust is one of the most important values which can be set during early childhood.
You know that you want your child to trust you. What are the ways that you can demonstrate this for your child? Since you are your child’s advocate, make sure you can see things from your child’s point of view. It is so easy to get swayed by someone else’s account of an event. What is your child saying? In words? In actions? In moods? Your child is always honest, and you can trust that fact.

One of the the ways that you show your child he can trust you is to show up on time. Calm your life down. Put the routines in place that allow you to be very consistent. That will help your child trust you. It will also help you to get done what is most important first.

Live your own values. You are already doing this by your actions. Be more conscious of what they are. The more consistent you are with your values, the more your child will know she can trust you. When you tell her to do something, be prepared to follow through with your own actions. When you need to take some steps differently, take the time to explain this to him. Even if your child is not speaking on the same vocabulary level as you, he can feel the intent behind your vocabulary. Treating her as a responsible listener will let her know you include her in your circle of important people. This is part of building trust consistently.

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