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Setting the stage for an off-the-wall $2 movie date

With a little planning and creativity, cheap dates can be extraordinarily liberating and entertaining for any couple. Spending a mere $2 on a casual evening out may feel like breaking the rules, but it frees up the psyche to let loose, lower expectations and enjoy the unexpected.

If it’s her turn to plan the date, she can call the Wind Chimes Dollar Cinema 8 at 281-920-9900. Located at 13155 Westheimer Road, tickets are $1.50 Wednesday through Monday, but only $1 on Tuesdays. The recorded message at the dollar theater includes all of the current movie titles and times typically running on the hours of 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 pm. The beauty of this cinema is that people can enjoy all of the same blockbuster shows that have already run their course in mainstream theaters. Tickets are so inexpensive, treating another couple to a double date is easy.

By jotting down a couple of interesting movies the date planner can then navigate to Rotten Tomatoes to research her choices. The Tomatometer will indicate whether the movie is a beautifully certified fresh tomato or rotten green splat. A synopsis along with information about the actors and director is also helpful in making a good decision.

If she is truly creating a $2 outing, the next step is to plan for do-it-yourself concessions. Grab a purse! The kitchen should be full of neglected, already paid for goodies. Cheerios, nuts, M&M’s, marshmallows, chips, graham crackers and the like can be tossed into a baggie with a pinch of seasoning. Fruit, sodas or bottled waters also travel well.  Or head to the grocery where she can pick a mystery candy for him while he buys a sweet surprise for her. demonstrate knowledge of his taste by selecting a favorite or delight her with a new treat she hasn’t already tasted.

The Wind Chimes parking lot is large and non-threatening. Arrive a few minutes early, park somewhere discreet, ask each other silly personal questions and exchange a few pre-date kisses. After hitting the box office the couple should find numerous seats are available in their designated theater. If he chooses a spot in the back or to the far right or left an impromptu make out sesh may be in order when the lights are dimmed. Relax, enjoy the show and most of all each other.

Additional ideas to make $2 date night weirmantic (weird + romantic):

*Dress up according to the theme of the movie to add an extra element of wackiness. For example, if the movie is Avatar she can braid her hair and he can cover his face in blue make-up.

*Play hide and seek with his candy. Instead of simply exchanging his and hers treats, have him close his eyes while you hide the package in the theater. Have him scan the aisles for his gift before the movie starts. This should be especially amusing if other guests are already settled in. Watch out for sticky soda spills and old gum!

*Make a stand up announcement to everyone in the theater before the previews. “Even though my partner _(verb)__, I still love her because she is _(adjective)_.”

*Take a bathroom break and write a brief love note on a paper towel. Deliver it during the movie so she can formulate tantalizing mental images. “When we get to the car, I’m going to ____(verb)____ your _____(adjective/ noun)________.” Let her fill in the blanks if you really want to roll the dice.


  • Bobbi Leder - Houston Dogs Examiner 4 years ago

    I had no idea there was a $2 cinema. Thanks for the info Malia!



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