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Some of us are more inclined to exercise than others and some maybe not all. A Utah woman lately gave an example to rethink our motivation to exercise. Ashley Paulson of Orem was going out for her normal morning run. She has been going out for her normal 9-mile run with friends for quite a while. The difference is that Ashley was closing in on her due date for a C-section.

On August 16th she went for her 9-mile run and was feeling really good. She went on her run with 4 other friends. She had thought about doing her run, returning home and driving into Utah Regional Medical Center for her C-Section. As her and her friends were running, Paulson decided that she was feeling good enough to run on into the medical center for her C-Section. Paulson received the best treat this time at the end of her run she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Paulson is not new to endurance activities, her father was an endurance runner and so she picked up the bug early in life. She ran her first marathon at age 19 and has run 34 marathons since then. Being competitive in nature she has clocked in less than 3 hours in the St. George Marathon last year. She participated in a 2013 Iron Man contest. It was after the Iron Man Contest that she learned she was pregnant with her 4th child.

With the support of her doctor and countless friends and family, Paulson was not only able to remain physically active during her pregnancy, but was able to safely and successfully complete in one Ironman, two half Ironman competitions, five marathons, nine half-marathons, one sprint triathlon and one 5K.

Paulson said her first concern was “the little bean” growing inside her, so she constantly wore a heart rate monitor to stay within her proper training zone. She said that endurance training was all her body knew so why change now. Paulson’s husband has been by her side and supported her and met her at the hospital for her last delivery.