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Setting Goals Allow You To Believe…

By Steve Beseke, senior vice president, think2perform,

How many times has someone said to you that your goal or aspiration in life is unachievable? That you need to settle for something less than what you want. If you think hard and are honest, there are probably a time or two that come to mind fitting this bill throughout your life.

Did you settle or actually prove to someone (and especially yourself) that you could attain what was thought less than possible?

None of us are perfect and all of us have probably settled a few times in life. But I bet, if it was important enough to you, that sometimes-elusive goal was accomplished.

It might be: Possibly finishing college. Earning that terrific job, or seeing the possibilities in you when no one else saw them.

There’s always something, and maybe specific and unique just to you.

When I was in my teens and 20s, my ever-waking goal was to be “normal.” Walk normally, have a right hand that worked normally, be able to have normal balance and not be seen as someone with a physical disability – Cerebral Palsy.

You can’t blame me because, especially when I was growing up in the 1960s and 70s, society was not always ready to treat people with differences the same as others.

While ultimately I knew my goal was medically unachievable, it was something that I strived for even if I sometimes fell to the pavement because I stubbed my toe.

It allowed me, however, to believe that anything was possible even when sometimes a goal wasn’t easy. Sound familiar in your world? Probably so…

When people told my dad and me that someone with Cerebral Palsy could not golf, my goal and will of being as normal as possible allowed to consistently play 18 – humbly very well. In fact, I became a nearly scratch/par golfer in my 20s.

If I was allowed to stay in the box people expected, I could never have achieved this lofty goal. Not that I could actually swing a club, but that I had the belief I could do it successfully

More than that, it has allowed me to attain much more in life. That’s why setting a goal, and developing strategies and tactics to fulfill it are so important.

If I stayed inside the world society expected, I might have never thought a beautiful able-bodied woman would ever be interested in me – I’ve now been married nearly 30 years. That I might have stayed in a profession deemed “typical and doable” with someone with physical challenges – I’ve traveled around the world for work and pleasure. That I might have seen myself as disabled and not be willing to endure and overcome the many challenges to keep my dreams alive.

Well, all these things have come true because, especially when I was young, I didn’t always believe what was conventional and blazed my own trail.

For you and all of us, this is why seeing over the rainbow and setting a goal that may ultimately be beyond what you ever thought is critical in life today.

Settling for what is easy and achievable…any of us can do that quite effectively. But think of a time when you attained a goal that even you thought was not possible. How good did it make you feel when you achieved it? I’m sure very, very satisfying.

As I am in my 50s now, I have a new set of life goals born from the ones I set so many years back.

While walking normal was never in the cards, today my goal is to stay walking and independent. Not always easy as my body is wearing out. But I will achieve it.

I think the point for all of us is our goals may change through circumstances or age, but we still have to believe things are possible and in ourselves. In that way, we can set realistic strategies to be where we want to be.

Because, in the final analysis, each of our lives is unique. Having goals allow us to stay resilient even when life takes its inevitable twists and turns. We, then, don’t have to settle and can manage expectations so much better.

This allows us to stay in control for as long as we can. Life has some turns I don’t see yet, but I know I can handle them with the goals and aspirations I hold so dear.

You also can handle your unique world by striving and attaining the goals we hope…

Take a look at my e-books on a variety of related subjects at Also follow me and my good friend/colleague, Doug Lennick, on Twitter - @SteveBeseke, @DougLennick.

I hope you continue to have the goal of enjoying life every day!

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