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Settebello's 1-for-$1

Margherita pizzas
Margherita pizzas
Samantha Thom

We all know how it feels when you’re with someone special: butterflies in your stomach, an obvious flush to your cheeks, the craving for mozzarella… wait. Well, Settebello has been in a committed relationship with its Marina Del Rey location for one whole year, and on Tuesday July 15th they want to celebrate!

Settebello dishes up the most authentic Napoletana-style pizza outside of Naples, so come celebrate their first anniversary with $1 Margherita pizzas all day and night!

Pizza Napoletana is made with a soft dough and takes about one minute to cook in a wood-burning oven. Because of this, Pizza Napoletana has several distinctive characteristics. Pizza in Napoli is soft and foldable and can be considered "wet" by American standards, for this reason the people in Napoli generally eat their pizza with a knife and a fork. Blackened char spots on the pizza crust is a tell-tale sign of Pizza Napoletana that has been cooked in a blistering hot, wood burning oven. Each pizza is an individual work of art.

Settebello strives to make the most authentic pizza Napoletana possible. First rate ingredients are essential in creating an authentic pizza Napoletana. Whenever possible the actual ingredients used in pizzerias in Napoli are imported. When importing is not a possibility we search for the highest quality American products to complete our pizzas. Below is just a sampling of where some of our products come from.

Flour – Napoli, Italy
Prosciutto Cotto – Parma, Italy
Tomato – San Marzano (Napoli), Italy
Prosciutto Crudo – Parma, Italy
Parmesan Cheese – Modena, Italy
Pancetta – Salumi, Seattle, WA
Salame – Fra’ Mani Berkeley, CA
Finnochiona – Salumi, Seattle, WA

Our oven at Settebello was handmade by artisan oven makers in Napoli, Italy. The floor of the oven is made with "Biscotto di Sorrento" and each brick is hand pressed in Salerno, Italy. The mortar holding the bricks together is made with volcanic sand from Mt. Vesuvius. A handmade artisan oven can properly cook a Pizza Napoletana in about one minute reaching temperatures of around 1000 degrees.

Using a wood (or aluminium) pizza peel, and a little flour, the "pizzaiolo" (pizza maker) transfers the garnished pizza using a rotary movement. The pizza slides rapidly with a quick wrist movement performed by the pizzaiolo on to the cooking surface of the oven. The cooking of the Vera Pizza Napoletana must be done exclusively in a wood fire.

13455 Maxella Avenue, Suite 250
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

P: 310-306-8204

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