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Seth Rollins turns on The Shield and joins Evolution

According to a June 2 report from Wrestling Inc., the fallout from WWE Payback was intense, as Seth Rollins turned on The Shield and aligned himself with Evolution during a special episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. Rollins, 28, replaces Batista, who quit Evolution earlier in the show.

Seth Rollins turned on The Shield and joined Evolution
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

WWE Monday Night Raw opened with a segment that featured Triple H on the mic, calling for a rematch with The Shield to settle the score following Evolution's loss at WWE Payback. HHH's comments didn't sit right with Batista, as "The Animal" said he wasn't happy that he didn't receive a heavyweight title shot. Batista then walked out of the ring, and was spotted storming out of the arena. Triple H and Randy Orton were left alone in the ring, wondering what to do.

Later in the episode, Roman Reigns was scheduled to battle Randy Orton in a singles match. However, The Shield's Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins accompanied Reigns to the ring. Triple H was also on hand, watching the events transpire from Orton's corner. Shockingly and seemingly out of nowhere, Rollins smashed Reigns in the back with a steel chair.

Just like that, The Shield seemingly broke up. The breakup of The Shield was expected for months, but most in the WWE Universe thought it would happen shortly after Royal Rumble. The Shield grew in popularity over the past three months, so some thought the WWE might just keep the supergroup together. However, it obviously wasn't meant to be.

Rollins smashed Ambrose with a chair, shortly after unloading on Reigns. Triple H stood on the sidelines and smiled, as Rollins handed the chair to Orton to beat Reigns down with. As WWE Monday Night Raw went off the air, the new Evolution -- Orton, Triple H and Seth Rollins -- stood over the downed Reigns. HHH then put his sledgehammer down on top of Reigns, and the group walked off together.

Post-show, Rollins and HHH were still paling around with each other. It appears the breakup of The Shield is permanent, and the new Evolution is in place. Time will tell how the WWE works this angle, but keeping the script fresh has always been whats best for business. The Shield had a great run, but it was time to spruce things up with a little shakeup.

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