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Seth Rollins Turns his back on The Shield!

Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose
Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose
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I wouldn’t say “nervous” but I have been a very mild version of “nervous” to see how WWE was going to break up the Shield. Every stable will break up (some have at least 5 times) and it was only a matter of time before VKM tries to repeat the success of the group to their individual characters. After a brutal Pay Per View match against Evolution at Payback this past Sunday, it was decided that Seth Rollins would turn on Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose on Monday Night Raw. As Randy Orton and Triple H (with a sledgehammer, a classic HHH weapon and his tribute to Peter Gabriel….that is just speculation) were walking to the ring for the Orton Vs Reigns match, Rollins is seen getting a chair to even the odds but then smashes it in the back of Roman Reigns. Ambrose turned with a look of shock on his face (brilliant, reason number 183 of why I love Dean Ambrose) and then went for Rollins, only to be put down by him. Rollins then broke the chair over Ambrose’s back before giving another chair to Orton for him to get in on the action. After the war with Evolution (minus Batista ‘quitting’ earlier in the night), it appears Rollins has joined HHH and Randy Orton. During the fall out of a group split, some members rise and fulfill their potential and others hang around the mid card and the fall to mediocrity. The Shield had 3 equally talented guys with a limitless future. I stated last year that I thought all three of them would be WWE champions, and every month as they perform, I look smarter for it (sometimes it is a happy accident). Roman Reigns has been pointed at as the first one to make it to the peak, but this is very interesting for Seth Rollins. Being matched with Randy Orton and Triple H would keep him in the main event (for a little while) until his own character flourishes. But then again that will depend on the booking and writing and even the E (WWE, duh) can mess this up (hence the nervousness). It will be interesting to see where this storyline is going (Batista quit, did I mention that?) from here with Money and the Bank at the end of the month and SummerSlam on the horizon. The last Raw before Money in the Bank (June 29th) is in Washington D.C on June 23rd (of course I have my ticket) and I’m really looking forward to see where this story is by then! Believe in..well let’s wait and see!