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Seth Rollins cleared to compete against Dean Ambrose at WWE Battleground

According to a July 15 report from Cageside Seats, Seth Rollins has been cleared to compete against Dean Ambrose at WWE Battleground. WWE fans feared that Rollins would be unable to wrestle at the event after he appeared to go down with a knee injury during this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, but it has come out that his painful situation was just part of the script. Rollins sold his injury so well that even WWE officials thought he was legitimately injured.

Seth Rollins has been cleared to compete against Dean Ambrose at WWE Battleground
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The ref in charge of the six-man tag team match that featured Rollins threw up an 'X' signal to signify that an athlete was legitimately injured. Shortly after, medical staffers were spotted on camera scurrying to Rollins' side to see if he was okay. He needed to be assisted to the locker room, as he could not walk off on his own.

Rollins' injury appeared to occur when he jumped out of the ring to attack his other former teammate, Roman Reigns. After landing awkwardly, he grabbed his right knee and needed to be escorted backstage. Luckily for WWE Universe, it appears his injury was just part of the script. As fans have caught on to the 'X' signal over the years, the WWE has started scripting refs to hold up the sign to make the action seem even more real. The forged 'X' signal appears to be the case with Rollins' injury at WWE Monday Night Raw in Richmond.

That said, he'll be good to go for his bout this Sunday against Ambrose, his former teammate in The Shield. Since Rollins vs. Ambrose is the match most WWE fans are looking forward to at Battleground, it would have been devastating if he was unable to compete. WWE Battleground is one of the promotion's newer pay-per-view events, and its not considered a must-watch like the Big Four special events of Wrestlemania, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble or Survivor Series. Without Rollins vs. Ambrose, the event could have been a major bust.

Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett are already out for extended periods of time with legitimate injuries, so Rollins is being looked at to be one of the top faces of the promotion for the months ahead. He has been getting a major push since his decision to break up The Shield. Besides Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, Rollins is perhaps the WWE's top heel at present time.

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