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Seth Meyers gives a second chance to an unaired Will Forte SNL sketch

Seth Meyers aired the first installment of a segment called "Second Chance Theatre" on "Late Night" May 13. This recurring bit will feature sketches that were written over the years for "Saturday Night Live" when Seth was the head writer there that never made it to air. The inaugural sketch was written by Will Forte and his writing partner at the time, John Solomon. The name of it was "Jenjamin Franklin".

Will Forte at The Oscars near the beginning of his beard growth
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Forte had tried to get it on "SNL" four times, but the final try, Meyers explained to Solomon that it had flatlined at the table read. Will replied to him, "If that sketch flatlined, then you had a couple of d**ks in your ear that day." Will kept the dream alive, and when that didn't work out, Seth told him that he wanted him to finally do it on an episode of his new talk show. Forte immediately said it should be on the premiere of "Late Night with Seth Meyers", but his brainchild, at last, finally came to fruition on Tuesday. During the interview before the debut of "Jenjamin Franklin", Will explained, "This is something I thought about long term...It's really well thought out, intentionally smart stupid, like brilliant stupid."

Seth introduced the sketch with the following: "Two young dreamers find themselves on a blind date and just like a key at the end of a kite string, this couple discovers electricity." Forte played the title character, made up like a feminine Benjamin Franklin. Jason Sudeikis was his blind date. Fred Armisen and Vanessa Bayer took the roles as the couple that fixed them up. The sketch was so uproarious, that at one point, Sudeikis broke out in laughter during it. The audience loved the whole thing. "Jenjamin Franklin" was a huge success!

At the end of the episode, Forte, Sudeikis, and Armisen joined Seth for a discussion called "After Jenjamin" about the journey they went on with the sketch. Will Forte is starring in a new comedy on FOX in the fall entitled "The Last Man on Earth". He is growing a scruffy beard for the part, but that did not prohibit him from turning Jenjamin Franklin into one of the most girlish roles he's ever played.

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