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Seth Meyers does Late Night

Late Night with Seth Meyers got off to a rocky start Monday night February 24th. His monologue delivery showed his nerves where he sounded exactly like he was doing Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. Seth was still fun and the audience was receptive, despite his deer- in the- headlights look.
Late night has become a Saturday Night Live party with Jimmy Fallon taking over the Tonight Show and Seth Meyers doing Late Night with his band leader being Fred Armisen. Seth’s first guest was Amy Pohler, so at least he had a familiar face to kick off unchartered territory with. Seth also interviewed Vice President Joe Biden and had musical guest A Great Big World. Overall Late Night is fun, but it will definitely take some time for Seth to get over his growing pains. He was not bred to be “talk show ready” like his pal Jimmy, but only time will tell the success of the show. As Amy said to Seth, "I have watched you for thirteen years pretend to listen to people." Hopefully Seth can keep the pretending up!

Seth Meyers kicked off Late Night with Amy Pohler
Photo by Peter Kramer/NBC/Getty Images
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