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Set your inner artist free for Women Painting Peace March 18

Set your inner artist free to focus on peace
Set your inner artist free to focus on peace
Leah Young

There's a wonderful global event taking place this March 18. It's called Women Painting Peace and every woman in the world is invited to play/pray/share. It's not about making great art but rather about pooling our minds and hearts together to focus on creating peace in the world.

You don't have to be "an artist" to participate, according to Leah Young, founder of Soul (Art)iculationTM and leader of Women Painting Peace. She says think of yourself as an image maker - any and all of us can do that. As a baby boomer woman participating in this project, you can marshall all the wisdom you've accumulated in your 50-plus years of living. On that account, our contributions may be particularly powerful.

Best of all, you don't have to have any special materials - no need to run out and buy things. But in case you’re like me and prefer not to use your grandchildren's crayons, here are Young’s suggestions (all items available at affordable prices at your local craft store):

  • LARGE paper, minimum 18×24, 140 lb, suitable for wet media (if you are comfortable, using canvas is also fine).
  • Acrylic paint in at least the following colors: white, black, red, yellow, green and blue. Personally, I love to have metallic and/or iridescent paints as well. I recommend fluid body. If you have experience feel free to choose paints accordingly.
  • Brushes: round, flat, large, small, synthetic or higher quality according to your needs. Various other mark makers such as twigs, sticks, palette knives, sponges, etcetera.
  • Something to put your paint on or in such as an artist’s palette, a plate, cups, etc.
  • Water for keeping your brushes clean throughout.
  • Rags, soft and clean.
  • An easel if you have one or masking tape to secure your paper to the wall, and/or a table.
  • Drop cloth or other cover for floors and surfaces you wish to protect.

If you find yourself lacking inspiration, invite a kid to work with you. But also Young plans to release a "painting prompt" close to March 18 to help you call out your heart's deepest feelings and powers. Visit her website here.

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