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Set in stone


Most people can tell someone where to get great coffee, pizza, and clothes if asked. Whether or not they know where to get the best flooring, fabric, or accessories for the home is another story. Well no more!

One of the most frequently asked questions people have when remodeling or building a home is where to get…you fill in the blank! The blank being filled in tonight is the best granite. There are many places in Nashville that sell granite, but who has the best selection, prices and installation?

Modern Granite and Marble does. They get their stone directly from the quarries and they also fabricate and install so there’s no need for a middle man. The sales people are incredible! They know what they’re talking about and they readily share that information with you. They carry the most common colors and patterns as well as a huge selection of exotic patterns and colors. The prices really are unbeatable, especially when you move into the more exotic slabs.

The selection process is very pleasant. You are welcome to browse on your own or have the sales person and/or your designer go with you. When you’ve selected your slab they come out measure and work up a template to use during the fabrication. There is a week turnaround from when they measure to when they install the stone. If you’re lucky you can even get installation about 3 days after they’ve come and measured.

While granite and marble are Modern’s specialty they carry a wide selection of tile as well. There is an array of ceramic and porcelain tiles, but the greatest things are the tiles made of recycled glass! They look amazing and price wise are fairly budget friendly. They offer ceramic tiles with a shell veneer as well. These are definitely not a cheap item, but would be great accent pieces as a little goes a long way with these babies!

As mentioned above there is a vast number of sources that Nashvillians can use to acquire granite or marble. Although Modern is the one recommended here make sure to shop around to make sure that you really are getting the best for your money!

To contact Modern Granite and Marble call: 615-837-8672 or 615-2557877 .

For more information or questions please e-mail me at .  All images courtesy of Third Row Designs.