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Set a date to investigate and communicate with our own dead loved ones

Chicago paranormal or spiritual and supernatural
Chicago paranormal or spiritual and supernatural
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Since I am involved in the Chicago paranormal field and have been for many years, I will make claim to this concept on this day of 7/16/2014 and I think you will find it proper once you read why. Let's just do it! Let's claim a date to investigate and communicate with our own dead loved ones!

The 1st Saturday in August - Loved Ones Paranormal Day.

Being in the Chicago land area, I read about the constant search at old and worn out stomping grounds like Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and there are those who in a way have a little obsession with it and that is fine as long as individuals do not go over the top with it. I also understand that it is a good marketing draw for some and why they have an interest in it (key words for Google type of searches).

Back to the subject of this article. Many in the paranormal field search out a stranger's grave site or locations to attempt communications, EVPs, to see what they pick up with their tools and equipment they use and then attempt to figure out what and who can it be?

Well lets take the 1st Saturday of August and make it 'Loved Ones Paranormal Day'. I say this as I am sure there are many in the paranormal field who can remember when they were at this or that 'active' grave site or location, yet ask them when the last time they were at a loved ones to visit?

So if there are loved ones at cemeteries you can get to, or even locations they once lived.. Take your tools, recorders and Echovox or Ghost Box and communicate with your loved ones. This would be a great experience for a team, they can make it a month or two month experiment. Spending a day each week searching out loved ones of each member on the team.

The wonderful thing about doing this, is you would know who you are communicating with by the answers received and also the range of questions that could also be asked, as you know the individual(s) that you are trying to get a response from and can confirm the answers you receive.

Also if you feel you are close to the Spirit World, you should be even closer to your Loved Ones in the Spirit World and show them the same respect by attempting to communicate with them and maybe the experience of all experiences for you personally.

I see it happen all the time with my Circle of Energy Spirit Communication Session. The joys on the individual faces and even tears when I do what I do to provide them with the experience that they receive. When a family can speak Russian and receive communication back in Russian during my Circle of Energy Spirit Communication Session I held at a Spiritualist Church in May of 2014, noting else needed to be said and an experience like no other for those receiving the communication. I do what I do for others, not for me, as that is the way I am guided by all Spiritual.

Give the first Saturday in August a shot as a 'Loved Ones Paranormal Day', so they know that are thought about as the strangers in the spirit world are thought about.

Edward Shanahan

Edward Shanahan web site and awarded Best Chicago Psychic.
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