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Mosby's raiders

On this day in history, March 10. 1864, Lt. Colonel John S. Mosby’s men attacked a Union force of between 40-80, part of the First New York Cavalry, near Kabletown in Jefferson County.

Reports from the skirmish indicate the NY Cavalry (also known as the “Lincoln Cavalry”) suffered 31 casualties, including Major Jerry A. Sullivan who was killed in the action. From the casualty list, one was killed, ten were wounded and twenty were taken prisoner. All but six of the prisoners quickly escaped. Mosby’s raiders, commanded at the time by Lt. A. E. Richards, with about 60 men used surprise to escape with no casualties.

According to Colonel R. F. Taylor’s report, filed on March 11 from Halltown, the NY Cavalry pickets were attacked by Mosby’s raiders at the intersection of Key’s Ferry and Kabletown Roads at 6 o’clock in the morning. Major Sullivan and his men pursued the enemy as they crossed the river at Sampson’s Ford and Snicker’s Ford. Upon finding them hiding in an old building in Kabletown, Major Sullivan was killed from rapid fire from the raiders held in the building.

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