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Sesquicentennial of Battle of Atlanta's penultimate disunion-gasp

William Tecumseh Sherman

The survival of self government by We the People's democratic-republic moved one step closer to the reality of American Exceptionalism 150 years ago today when General Hood's offensive against General Sherman failed. But it would be more than a siege-long month before the Battle of Ezra Creek would exhaust CSA initiatives and the Union-initiated Battle of Jonesboro would precipitate the ultimate fall of Atlanta amid self-inflicted flames from retreating rebels.

Americans proved themselves second to none in war on the outskirts of the City non-yet Too Busy to Hate that near-fateful day in the summer of 1864. Thank God that their combination remained so adept against Imperial Japan and Nazi German after Pearl Harbor and that the threat of same brought down a Communist Iron Curtain over a century later.

William Tecumseh Sherman knew that it would take Total War to preserve the Last Best Hope of Man on Earth soon after Fort Sumter was fired upon by a South Carolina Citadel cadet and when given the chance to implement it, we can only thank the Lord that President Abraham Lincoln and General Ulysses S. (Unconditional Surrender) Grant were of One Mind to let him do so.

God bless America!

We can only utter those words with such rich meaning today in the 21st Century because of what visionary Republicans were willing to do against such worthy Southern Democrat opposition in the 19th.

There is no man, woman or child enjoying Liberty on Earth today but for a United States of America made possible by the outcome of the Battle of Atlanta on July 22, 1864 and its aftermath.

Love this country? Then muster just a thimble-full of the courage of the men that fell on both sides of the battle waged over Atlanta's railroads and munitions factories a century and a half ago today.

"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

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