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Sesquicentennial Events for 2014

Battle of Olustee Festival
Battle of Olustee Festival
Bob O'Connor

As the Sesquicentennial Commemoration of the Civil War enters its fourth year, many significant events will be honoring the 150th anniversary of Civil War battles. Among the most significant are at Olustee, FL (February 20), Fort Pillow (April 12), The Wilderness (May 5-7), Spotsylvania Courthouse (May 8-21), Yellow Tavern (May 11), New Market (May 15), Cold Harbor (May 31 – June 12), Kennesaw Mountain (June 27), Monocacy (July 9), Fort Stevens (July 11-13), Atlanta (July 22), Second Kernstown (July 24), The Crater at Petersburg (July 30), Chaffin’s Farm (August 30-31), Third Winchester (September 19), Second Franklin (November 30), and Nashville (December 15-16) to name a few.

Major commemorations, historic forums, reenactments and informative programs are planned in many areas starting with the largest reenactment in the South at Olustee, Florida will be held on February 14-16. The Olustee Festival takes place at Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park a few miles from Lake City, FL.

At the Battle of Yellow Tavern, VA, this year commemorates the 150th anniversary of the death of Confederate General J. E. B. Stuart was shot and killed.

While the state of Tennessee doesn’t have a particular commemoration in mind for Fort Pillow, where many U. S. Colored Troops died unceremoniously, it has been suggested that a quiet contemplation of the massacre that took place could certainly be important to the healing – even 150 years later.

For a plethora of other Sesquicentennial events, a great source for information is Civil War Traveler.

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