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Sesame Street DVD shows Elmo and his furry friends how to Be A Good Sport

Abby and her friend Elmo
Abby and her friend Elmo
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No fair! You cheated! It’s okay. Remember that no one wins every time. Sesame Street and its lovable monsters help kids to learn the best ways to deal with disappointments, and how to be a graceful winner! Teach these tough but necessary lessons since Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Sesame Street, the nonprofit educational organization and the longest-running program in children’s television., have released Sesame Street: Be A Good Sport on DVD.
When Abby keeps winning at Hot Potato, Elmo gets frustrated and starts taking the game too seriously. Abby then tells Elmo that she doesn't want to play anymore, but, since Elmo is still upset about losing, he convinces Telly to help him improve his skills. After training with Telly, Elmo feels ready to try to play Hot Potato again and this time, beats Abby in every round! Elmo can’t stop showing off and is bragging to Abby about how good he is at Hot Potato.
Abby is done playing with Elmo, but Elmo is not done proving his new skills. Elmo then challenges Leela to Hot Potato & she quickly realizes the problem. She explains to Elmo that it is okay to be good at something and to feel proud of yourself, but sometimes it is easy to get very excited about winning and get carried away. Winning is exciting, but it is important to remember how your opponent feels when you win. The trick is, when you win–don’t show off; when you lose, don’t get too upset. With Leela’s help, Elmo learns what it means to be a good sport, and then he is able to show Abby that he knows how to be one, too!
Sesame Street knows preschoolers experience a lot of emotions when playing games, so Sesame Street: Be A Good Sport is packed with stories to help every preschooler learn not to be a sore loser and stay cool in often frustrating situations. Sesame Street: Be A Good Sport is sure to be a favorite among parents and preschoolers as they learn valuable Sesame Street lessons with their pals Elmo, Abby and Leela. And, if it couldn’t get any better, two bonus full-length Sesame Street videos, Elmo Learns How to Bowl and Winter Worm Olympics, are included on the DVD to teach children even more of Sesame Street’s most classic lessons.