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Servite High School stage collapse: Students injured at Anaheim school

A stage collapsed at Servite High School while students were performing a musical theater challenge. Fox News reports on March 10 that more than 20 students were injured at the Anaheim school, but some of them only had minor injuries. The police department believes the weight on the stage led to the collapse, and there will be a complete investigation to determine the exact cause.

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Servite High School, an all-boys Catholic School, was hosting a performance from Rosary High School, an all-girls Catholic School. The stage in the auditorium collapsed during the girls’ routine and trapped students. Officials believe an estimated 250 girls were part of the performance, so it is possible the weight of too many students led to the tragedy. In addition, witnesses claim the girls were jumping on the stage right before it broke.

No problems were seen with the stage during rehearsals, and the school has not experienced this type of collapse in the auditorium before. Furthermore, Rosary High School has an annual musical theater challenge tradition named the “Red and Gold Rally” with Servite High School, and students have not encountered stage problems in the past.

Inspectors will be checking permits and examining the stage to determine why it collapsed. Although weight seems to be the most likely cause, they will be considering other options over the course of several weeks.

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