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Serving Up Some Comedy at JJ'S Bohemia

Andy Pyburn
Andy Pyburn
Photo Credit: Robert Parker

Why did the chicken cross the road? If you ask Andy Pyburn that question, his answer would be anything but the typical "to get to the other side." His wide range of jokes and vulgarity is what makes his stand-up one of a kind. Andy Pyburn and several other local comedians are a part of what JJ's Bohemia cooked up as the All You Can Eat Comedy Buffet. The comedic regulars perform on stage inside the little dive bar on MLK. The cheap beers, laughs, and giggles are all worth the $5 cover charge. “I got started when I saw a show,” said Pyburn. “I didn’t like it and thought to myself that I could do better, but I knew I would have to prove it.” His local celebrity persona flourishes on and off the stage. His main attraction is his beard, which he uses as part of his act. “I glued eyes to a solid black toboggan, which I pulled over my eyes to bring the “Beard” personality to life,” exclaimed Pyburn. “I had the crowd chanting beard, beard, beard, as if Tinkerbell needed to be reborn.” JJ’s Bohemia will feature Andy and his “beard” along with other performers on February 9th at 10 p.m. with a $5 cover charge at the door.