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Serving the Public Interest

Many know me as the recycle guy in town, one of the more vocal and highlighted of a cast of mostly residents that understands and cares enough to speak on environmental and social issues. At work I was a grassroots advocate to bring to light the need to have our recycling and waste disposal contracted out for organization, today we separate and recycle much or our waste. In the trenches about town with City and County organizations I keep connected in varied means to those that are active in bringing the major issues to the forefront so "WE THE PEOPLE" can learn and share our knowledge and act accordingly to head off or rise against the injustices that plague our community. I have had the opportunity to meet great folks whom have become my peers and have inspired me to go on and acquire my M.S. in Environmental Policy and Management, which has allowed me to be heard more clearly as I trudge the path to be part of the greater decision making machine in our community and state. My time as an appointed committee member with the CC Environmental advisory board, though short lived, has allowed me to be reappointed to the CC Planning Commission which I am still just getting my feet wet with. Many growth and sustainable issues face us and we need to be diligent as we allow the expansion of properties and the destruction of nature. Though we have a very skilled planning dept and our growth and water management plans cover a lot, I feel that County and City governments could be in a closer relationship as we learn to expand, or not, in our very fragile SW Florida Eco system. One major issue which pertains to all of our health is the EPA allowing of permits to have oil and gas companies drill in our neighborhoods and The Everglades. Fracking and oil drilling are an unneeded option for any community and especially The Everglades. Florida State officials and the EPA and the FDEP need to regulate for the concerns of all life. In a recent article in "Eye on Miami "we are reminded of the dying Springs from lack of regulations in a very forward calling out of out regulating officials who are somehow remiss or convinced to allow for the dangers that are part of our recent past and seemingly increased in our near future should we not stop the madness. (

I hope I can continue to be part of a solution for many issues that we are and will continued to be faced with. I will aim my service at the sustainability of my community and planet and hope that we can see the cohesiveness needed for us to agree that there are problems that we need to face now and not later.
May we all be willing to give a bit of our time to fight for the greater good and may I continue to learn from those I respect and love to do the next right thing as we battle some of the more greedy powers that be so we can live and leave a healthy community for us to enjoy many generations from now, or at least until Florida is under water.
Peace and love
Rev B

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