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Service in the details, seen through the eyes of the customer

Shopper checks out sales at David Jones.
Shopper checks out sales at David Jones.
Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images

Good merchandising and store upkeep motivate and inspire customers to frequent your business. A compelling exterior with a well organized and maintained parking lot can influence a customer's decision to come inside and do business. The interior having attractive and eye catching signage, full and colorful product displays, and a clean environment, gets the customer to tell people about you. These factors keep customers interested and ready to make purchases. Customers see these details as a part of service.

Recent research shows that 20% of the decision to purchase is logical, based on facts. 80% is emotional. This shows the importance of a well executed merchandising program.

A marketing strategy can get customers to come to the business, but it will not yield a positive result, if they can't find the product they are looking for, or a competitor has a better value and a more visually enticing merchandising display.

Here are some tips for creating visual cues from the customer's perspective:

  1. Develop your store's external appearance-This is the first thing that will be noticed by the customer.
  2. Maintain the good look of your store-The signage, entrance and landscapes.
  3. Shelves, showcases, racks and other POS materials should be well maintained.
  4. Repaint or repair damaged fixtures.
  5. Keep fixtures stocked with product, sized, and colorized.
  6. Make sure cleanliness is a high priority.

Do not wait until your store is disorganized and low on products. Keep it healthy and unjaded.

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