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Service dog of disabled Idaho man is shot dead at child’s birthday party

Official service dogs and dogs trained to be service dogs for owners who are disabled aren’t just family pets. They do much more than that for their owners. These dogs have been helping the handicapped for ages and do everything they can to protect their owners as well as family members when they are present.

Service dog dies at the hand of the police!
Filer Police

A recent report was issued on Feb. 11 from Raw Story and KMTV News on Feb. 10 and an update from Magic Valley - Times News on Feb. 12 stating that an Idaho police officer from the Filer Police Department pulled out his service revolver and shot the dog of Rick Clubb dead in his front yard. There are two disturbing things that happened this day. First the dog called Hooch died and second the gun was fire towards the Clubb house where his nine year old son’s bedroom was located.

Rick Chubb who suffers from Parkinson’s disease is more than just upset. He is furious. He plans on suing the city, police department and the police officer, Tarek Hassani for unjustifingly putting his dog down just because he wasn’t tied up but was on their property.

The officer reported to the area because a call was dispatched stating there were dogs showing aggressive behavior and barking. The complaint also stated that there were dogs running loose in the neighborhood. Most likely it didn’t specify what types of dogs were causing a commotion from the neighbors.

Rick Chubb’s dog was a Labrador that wasn’t showing any signs of aggression until the officer neared the animal. The dog saw what him as a stranger and started to bark. This is a natural defense mechanism that every dog has as a form of protection and warning for people to stay back. Hooch was on his property and protecting it but the officer got closer and kicked the animal and then took his gun out and shot him dead.

The entire act was caught on video from a dash-mounted camera from the officer’s vehicle!

Chubb was having a birthday party for his son who just turn seven. The home had children all over and he feels that there could have been a better way to restrain the dog other than killing him. He also said that it gave his heart such a fear that if that bullet had ricocheted and wasn’t a perfect shot his son or any one of the children attending the party could have been injured or killed and that upset him the most.

Rick Chubb was issued a ticket for not having the dog tied up, in the family home or yard and he can fight that but he doesn’t feel that is necessary. He does plan to file suit because he feels the death of Hooch was unjust.

Hooch performing his duties as a trained service dog can help a person such as Rich Chubb who suffers from Parkinson’s disease by doing the following tasks:

  • Turing light switches on and off
  • Opening and closing doors
  • Picking up items from the floor
  • Assist with walking and balance
  • Act as a support when they rise from a chair or the floor
  • Hold a person upright if they feel dizzy or faint
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Show love and affection
  • Be a loyal companion

Do you think Chubb has a right to sue for the death of his service dog?

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